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Greece Refugee Support

In 2018, by invitation of the UN International Office of Migration and in partnership with the Greek Health Department, Global Brigades set off to help fill a void for health care services in refugee camps and begin applying our tenets of development work: holistic model, empowerment of community members, and increased collaboration with local government and NGOs in this unique setting.

Consistent with our programmatic methodology, we have started implementing Medical Brigades to build trust and gather insight to develop a unique holistic model for refugees and asylum seekers aspiring for integration. The vulnerability of the population requires us to evaluate camps on a case by case basis to assess their needs and accommodate for the provision of basic human needs. However, our scope is ambitious, as we are targeting over 50 refugee camps in Greece accommodating more than 50,000 residents over the next three years.

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Honduras Rural Community Support

As our longest standing country partner, in 2004, Global Brigades started its work in the country of Honduras as a medical relief organization. Through the collaboration of community partners and local leaders, we eventually evolved our programming to tackle the underlying issues causing and relating to the health challenges we initially observed during medical clinics. No longer focusing on short-term medical relief, Global Brigades works to empower communities through economic development, sustainable healthcare and water and sanitation projects.

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Panama Indigenous & Rural Community Support

Since 2008, Global Brigades has refined a holistic approach specific to the strengths and goals of Panamanian communities to grow local economies, improve access to healthcare and empower families with legal resources to resolve disputes and formalize businesses. Inspired by our many indigenous community partners, our Panama model focuses on promoting a sense of belonging within communities and always prioritizes collaboration program execution.

Panama boasts one of Global Brigades’ strongest economic development programs having established over 20 internationally recognized community-owned banks in some of the country’s most under resourced, rural communities. The community-owned banks empower families and businesses with access to savings and small,  low-interest loans while providing extensive financial literacy programs, evidenced by a nearly 0% default rate. While many communities still receive Medical Brigades, our Panama team has partnered with local governments to establish long-term access to healthcare resources through a comprehensive community health worker program (CHW) . As with all Global Brigades countries, our final goal is to evolve each community relationship past direct interventions into one of follow-up and impact monitoring.

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Ghana Rural Community Support

In 2011, Global Brigades decided to expand its Holistic Model to a country in Africa to complement its work in Central America. Through in-person visits of more than 20 countries and a thorough research report on the best fit for our model, Ghana was selected as the best partner country. Programs in Ghana focus on healthcare, economic development and clean water.

To improve access to healthcare, Global Brigades partners with the Ghanaian government to provide mobile medical clinics that take place in public Ministry of Health clinics. In addition to providing consultations and medications, these clinics also provide public health education workshops and promote the National Health Insurance Scheme. For economic development, Global Brigades collaborates with both private and government organizations to create jobs by promoting and expanding local businesses, and to support community-owned banks that provide access to loans while re-circulating loan repayments back into the community bank for future loans. To combat common illnesses such as diarrhea, parasites and cholera, we also work with communities, the Ghana Water Company, Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), and other partners to construct pour-flush toilets, hand-washing stations and potable water systems.

Please specifically state in your inquiry form that you are interested in supporting our operations in Ghana.

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